We offer very affordable camping for those race fans that want to expand their trip to the races. Many fans like to pull in Friday and spend the early day Saturday visiting local attractions, enjoying available recreational activities or just relaxing! Everyone wants to sit in their lawn chairs and watch the big rigs entering the speedway, literally just a few feet in front of them! Then of course, what better to do after a great night of racing, than to walk back to your camper and enjoy a campfire with friends? THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE, there is NO  other camping this close to the action.
WE ARE RACE FANS!  We want you to enjoy your stay. We would love to have you stay with us for other local events also!
Approximate drive times;
Chillicothe is approximately 15 minutes.
Waverly 10 minutes
Bainbridge 20 minutes
PRP 45 minutes
Scioto Trails 10 minutes
Ross County Fairgrounds 25 minutes
Pike County Fairgrounds 25 minutes